Hands-on communication training

  • Kalle Kuusik

    ‘How to Human’ training

    For me personally, this was one of the best practical training courses I’ve ever been on. It really pulled me out of my comfort zone and pointed out the weaknesses I need to deal with. It opened my eyes and really got me thinking.”

    Kalle Kuusik
    Nortal, Head of Delivery Unit
  • Alar Alp

    ‘How to Human’ training

    “An eye-opening training course, in the direct sense of the word.”

    Alar Alp
    RKIK, kommunikatsioonispetsialist
  • Kadi-Kai Kollo

    ‘How to Human’ training

    “The theory bit was good, but the practical part was even better. It was real practice – the person I was paired with had no idea what my intentions were. The sense of accomplishment and the buzz I got from it made me realise that I’ll be able to handle myself in any situation, but more than that, I’ll know when other people are trying to use certain techniques on me as well.”

    Kadi-Kai Kollo
    RKIK, Insener Tehnilise Büroo juht

"How to Human" communication training

Most of human life is based on communication and relationships. If we understand how to approach different people in various situations, it is easier for us to achieve what we want in life.

Communication skills and the ability to read people are something we need in all walks of life. Good, informed communication achieves more than a loaded gun. Communication is a skill, like any other, that can be learned and improved. The content of the training is based on everyday practices in the intelligence and security field. 

The goal is for the participant to become a more conscious communicator and effective negotiator. This very practical day will provide the ability to covertly shape conversations towards your objectives and identify the intentions of your conversational partner, among other skills. 

The course will provide participants with both knowledge and confidence for performing in difficult situations. We will provide you with an opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and put your skills to the test.

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