Leadership consultation

  • Heili Sitre

    “The principles of paradigms and taking responsibility really spoke to me. The materials and the exercises really helped me take everything in.”

    Heili Sitre
    Inzmo, Kliendisuhtluse osakonna juht
  • Robert Käsper

    A great course which gets people in the civil sector approaching situations from a different angle and makes how they handle it more flexible and easier to understand.”

    Robert Käsper
    RKIK, Sõduri kategooria juht

Leadership Consultation

Solve your current leadership problems or long-standing challenges with the help of Combat Ready instructors!

Duration: According to your needs

Combat Ready instructors support the development of you and your team. With the help of our Leadership Principles, we will look at the leadership challenges you face. Together we will find strategies for improving teamwork and help you find a clear understanding of what winning looks like for you and your team.

As part of a longer-term partnership, we can also deliver consultancy as a programme where our instructors actively support leadership growth across your whole team.