The training we offer is available as separate modules or as longer, combined programmes.


We don’t turn you into soldiers – we present you with principles and ways of thinking that will help you deal with everyday challenges in your work and private lives.

Who is our training for?


Our training is for anyone who values their time and wants to take their personal life, their leadership skills or their team to a new level.
Intensive without being physically demanding, our team-based field exercises give you the chance to view leadership principles through the eyes of your team members. The experience helps to cement and better understand the universal tenets of leadership with which you can overcome any obstacles that have seemed unsolvable up to that point.

How to choose the right course for you


You can undertake our training courses as standalone modules or combine them to make a full course. If you’re not sure which course(s) to choose or which will best suit your team, get in touch with us and we’ll come up with the best option for you.


leadership forums, consultation


theory and practice


a practice where everything is completely my responsibility


training program according to your needs

In taking part in our training you:


On the battlefield, everyone has to be prepared to take the lead. Special Forces operator goes through intensive preparation and training cycle primarily based on principles of extreme ownership and the leadership principles that have been tested on the battlefield.

If you doubt whether this training is for you, we can honestly guarantee that it is!


We put our courses together based on Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s concept of ‘extreme ownership’

Keys to success:

Train as you fight 

Right Mindset + focused relationship building = Thats how problems get solved


Teamwork depends on how good your relationships are!

About us

We utilize our leadership experience from both the private sector and the Defence Forces to provide you with the best practical leadership training. The principles of military and civilian leadership have more in common than most people might think.

In our training courses, we impart what we believe in and what we live by every single day.



A practice where there are no excuses and a person is responsible for everything that happens in their world.


Subordinate your ego and notice the people around you.
Humans are the most valuable resource we have.


Deal with what’s important regardless of your state of emotion.


Always strive to achieve better quality. There are no shortcuts to success.


Just take action.

Theory without practice is only half a solution. Train like you fight!

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