• Heili Sitre

    “The principles of paradigms and taking responsibility really spoke to me. The materials and the exercises really helped me take everything in.”

    Heili Sitre
    Inzmo, Kliendisuhtluse osakonna juht
  • Robert Käsper

    A great course which gets people in the civil sector approaching situations from a different angle and makes how they handle it more flexible and easier to understand.”

    Robert Käsper
    RKIK, Sõduri kategooria juht


Let’s put theory into practice!

Once you’ve got the theory down, it’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test.
Practice makes perfect and repetition is the key!

These workshops are a great next step after learning the theory. You will apply the knowledge and tools you have gained in a smaller group and relate them to real-life situations.

In our course “Leadership Principles from the Battlefield“, we introduce the “4 Laws of Combat” that give you the framework you need for success. WIth these workshops it’s time for real challenges. Put yourself to the test!

Who is it for?

  • All team members need to learn how to solve problems in real time – these modules can be taken at all levels, with any team, in any organisation.
  • Completion of our “Leadership Principles from the Battlefield” course is a prerequisite.
  • Depending on your schedule and requirements, we are able to make changes to the focus and content of the workshops. Workshops are usually part of a longer training day or programme.

Which workshops do we offer?

What value do our workshops bring to your team:

  • It gives a more practical understanding of how to implement the leadership principles to achieve your desired results;

  • Improve leadership knowledge and skills through practical exercises, case studies and advice.

  • You will learn to use these tools to lead yourself and those around you successfully and win in any environment or situation;

  • Improved teamwork – gain a better understanding of yourself and your team.