Online Academy

  • Heili Sitre

    “The principles of paradigms and taking responsibility really spoke to me. The materials and the exercises really helped me take everything in.”

    Heili Sitre
    Inzmo, Kliendisuhtluse osakonna juht
  • Robert Käsper

    A great course which gets people in the civil sector approaching situations from a different angle and makes how they handle it more flexible and easier to understand.”

    Robert Käsper
    RKIK, Sõduri kategooria juht
Online Academy
Online Academy

Combat Ready Academy

Change your life by changing the way you think!
Learn “leadership lessons from the battlefield” online – in a way that suits you!

This is not just another online leadership course. The principles we teach have been “written in blood” on the battlefield.

The Combat Ready Academy online environment is designed to help anyone sharpen their leadership skills.

Every day we are in a position where we can LEAD – to make decisions, to interact with people, to control our emotions, to grow and get better.

Learn on your own or with your team!

Whatever the size of your team, we are up for the challenge.
We are always looking to “innovate and adapt” and we want to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, write or call us and let us support you!

What material do we cover in our Online Academy?

  • Practical skills and knowledge to deal with any situation and overcome obstacles.
  • Our Online Academy supports learning as if you were in an active classroom – you can ask questions under videos, discuss with your team, access different materials, take tests, etc.
  • Learn at your own pace, wherever you are – on your own or with your team (family, friends, colleagues, whoever is on your side).
  • A supportive (online) community made up of the Combat Ready team and other experienced members of the academy – like-minded people ready to support each other and discuss important issues.