• Heili Sitre

    “The principles of paradigms and taking responsibility really spoke to me. The materials and the exercises really helped me take everything in.”

    Heili Sitre
    Inzmo, Kliendisuhtluse osakonna juht
  • Robert Käsper

    A great course which gets people in the civil sector approaching situations from a different angle and makes how they handle it more flexible and easier to understand.”

    Robert Käsper
    RKIK, Sõduri kategooria juht

Combat Coaching

Build relationships, one conversation at a time!

It all starts with you and it’s all up to you. Your performance, your relationships with family and colleagues, and your development – as a person, as a colleague, as a partner.

We firmly believe that good relationships with the people around you are the key to success – no matter what your definition of “success” is.

The model of a good relationship includes respect, listening, trust and influence (towards positive outcomes) and caring. However, for the model to work, there needs to be a conscious and thoughtful communication and attitude.

What do you learn through coaching sessions?

We practice and develop one-to-one (1:1) conversations. This includes improving communication skills, developing empathy, deepening listening skills and implementing a model of taking responsibility. It’s a model of having a conversation, with the aim to get feedback about myself – where I’ve made mistakes or had the wrong mindset that has affected the people around me.

If I get feedback, I can change myself and get better results for everyone. It’s a universal skill that helps me to build and maintain good relationships at work, at home, with friends, and in all aspects of my life. Better 1:1 communication skills ensure maximum impact and effectiveness of your conversations.

What does it contain?

By completing our mentoring programme:

  • You will learn about the 4 Laws of Combat that are the basis of effective leadership.
  • Know the mindset to victory and learn how to apply it
  • Learn to solve problems and challenges more effectively
  • Know how to build and maintain the good relationships that are the basis for effective teamwork.
  • You understand that the best results are achieved through taking responsibility.
  • Know that the best way to create change is to be a good role model for others.

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Pictured: 2023 Äripäev Trainer of the Year Kati Orav and "Special Award" Trainer of the Year Award, Priit Lilleväli

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