• Janari Jaanso

    A practical, matter-of-fact management training day suited to companies (or departments within them) for ice-breaking, team-building and, most of all, changing the participants’ management-based attitudes and teaching them working practices, all led by experienced former members of the Defence Forces. Everyone is guaranteed to get good management advice and useful tips.

    Janari Jaanso
    Milrem Robotics, project manager
  • Dmitri Šlõkov

    The practical part gave us first-hand experience of what it was all about. My thinking in a stress situation was a lot different to the way I’d imagined it would be.

    Dmitri Šlõkov
    RKIK, IT department manager
  • Nele Geberson

    All the exercises were really exciting. And I liked that there were curveballs that threw your plans into disarray and meant you had to start from scratch in terms of what to do and how to do it. Just like in real life.

    Nele Geberson

DATE AND TIME: July 27th, 2023, 8:45 am – 5:00 pm


Investment: EUR 479 + vat

FTX (Field Training Exercise) is a leadership course consisting of both theory and practice. The goal is to learn leadership skills, consolidate this knowledge and put your skills to the test. We create a dynamic simulated environment where you have to solve problems as a team using leadership principles in constantly changing situations.


Topics covered:


The Mindset to Victory:

Extreme Ownership – You can only take control of your life when you take responsibility for everything, not blaming others or making excuses. When you adopt this mindset, real change begins to happen for both you and those around you.

Default Aggressive – Problems won’t solve themselves. Sometimes you just need to get started, even if you don’t have the perfect plan at first. Begin with what you have today, don’t wait for tomorrows’s perfect solution. Take the first step!

Innovate and Adapt – The situation and the environment are constantly changing. What worked for you yesterday may not work today. Make changes in small but meaningful steps.

Discipline = Freedom – By working hard and staying on the path today, you set yourself up for a better tomorrow.

Humility – Our egos are fundamental to who we are and help us win. However, if you do not keep your ego in check, it can overwhelm you.


4 Principles of Leadership (Your personal “Rules of Engagement”)

Cover and Move – The importance of teamwork. If the team doesn’t win, no one wins.

Simple – Details vs. concepts, clarity vs. complexity. Search for the right balance.

Prioritize and Execute – Take a breath, do your best to detach and make a decision about what is most important.

Decentralized Command – Everyone is a leader. Give responsibility to your team and let them lead.


Debrief and detailed feedback after every ‘operation’ help participants connect these freshly learned principles to challenges they face daily at work and personal life. Instructors help you unravel the situations that emerge and together we will find the best solutions for leadership related problems.


Limited to maximum of 15 participants


NB! The FTX course does not require the participants to have excellent physical fitness, nor will this training transform you into military personnel or great marksmen. This training is about developing leadership. Principles and skills you will learn are applicable to entrepreneurship, personal life, etc.

The price includes all necessary equipment, lunch, snacks and drinks. Participants will have to arrange their own transportation to the location.

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